Trump Wins! What to expect

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Trump won the presidency! Now we need to know what to expect. This is not a set of predictions. You can watch the Brushfire Mind New Year’s episode for predictions, this is more a commentary on the expectations that we should have of our elected officials generally, and of the Trump administration specifically.

The inauguration of Donald J. Trump to the office of the Presidency of the United States of America is ten days. It will be met with protests, criticism, and a barrage of libel authored by the agents of our main stream media. Be strong America. Read the headlines and recognize them for the sophistry that they are. Call them out where you can, and stop allowing lies to go unchallenged. Read, study, and think. The enemy left, who make a profession out of your subjugation rely on the assumption that you are too busy earning a living to bother about examining their tyranny in any meaningful way as to combat it. This can no longer be the case. Consider this a call to action.

Last year in May we did a show titled “War is Prior to Ethics.” In this episode I predicted that Donald J. Trump would be the next president and I explained why this would be the case. My prediction then centered around the philosophical proposition that man has been engaged in war since before he invented ethics. Ethics, while it may argue for positions of virtue that are innate to human nature, is still only a set of rules that are enforced by social constructs, cultural norms and mores, and by the rule of law. There was however, a time before these rules were codified by socialization or by governments and in that time man still did war.

Many years ago, it had been the case that the conduct of politics was a sort of gentleman’s sport. It was an extension of the conduct of commerce, whereby men traded and dealt with one another for mutual benefit, but that has not been the case for some time. It was never that politics -or commerce for that matter- had, necessarily to be adversarial but it has become that, never the less.

Where ever there is wealth and power to be had there will be corruption as well. That statement seems to be axiomatic, but it is not that power and wealth are themselves corrupting factors, but rather the tools that are most desired by the corrupt, and therefore most readily attract corruption. That is to say that among men there are those who seek to profit by doing harm, not because this is the only way in which one can profit, but because these weak people seek to take what they cannot earn, and are addicted to schadenfreude. They actually enjoy making you suffer. Ethics, like any sort of law require that good men embrace them and enforce them.

The Donald was able to secure a victory, because he recognized that he was fighting a war and not playing a game. The Right in this country, for too long has clung bitterly, not to their guns and bibles, but to the absurd notion that you can treat evil civilly and not expect evil to take that civility for a weakness that can be exploited. Herman Caine, for example was destroyed by the withering slings and arrows of false allegations of sexual misconduct and was forced to withdraw. Mitt Romney, who I personally have never liked, but was our candidate, was overcome by being painted as a monster who’s conduct and record was quite contrary to his actual history, but the truth of statements has failed to be a bulwark against the tenacity of the dishonest. President Trump, not only refused to brook such naked and vulgar corruption, but punched back constantly. One of the things that I personally admire about the man is that he revels in the fight. The thing that sets American soldiers apart from the armies of the rest of the world is the degree to which most of our fighting men enjoy the conduct of war for the sport that it is. Good men do not destroy evil only because it is the right thing to do. For good men, triumph over evil is satisfying.

Given all of that, what we have just seen in the utter repudiation of the tyrannical left is a disavowal of the burden of their profanity. We have abjured the despotism of falsehoods that has shackled good men by demonizing their ethno-socio-political composition and taken a bite from the boot on our necks. Like any injured creature, the Left has drawn back its broken fist to nurse its wounds while still trying to appear to be a threat. It is not the time to gloat or to celebrate. They are beaten, but not destroyed. If we allow them to rally, then we will have an even more tenacious foe on our hands. We mustn’t forget that this has also been a learning experience for the opposition. They have learned that their tyranny can be routed, and unless they are very stupid will take these lessons and become a more careful predator.

What we should now expect… what we should demand, of a Trump presidency is that we use this new post-despotic era to call out the enemy for what he is at every turn. We cannot expect the President to do it on his own. President Obama, after all, was only able to cause the great harms that he engaged with the active support of his sycophants and coconspirators. Likewise, a successful Trump presidency will require that we good men recognize evil where it rears its ugly head and that we smash it where it stands.

One of the primary reasons that we have started doing the fallacy of the week on the Brushfire Mind live show is to arm our compatriots with the tools to defeat the enemy. Done right, it can be that the Trump victory has given the opportunity to course correct, smash out corruption and sophistry from our process, and begin a fresh as moral agents conducting commerce between agents to truly mutual benefit. We should expect and demand an end to the zero sum games of wealth redistribution that make paupers of us all. We must no longer allow to be codified by propagandized academia the weaponization of fallacious rhetoric, revisionist history, and institutionalized anti-liberty double speak.

See them lie. Call them liars. Demand proof!

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