The Conversation

Snipers and Liars

Big week everyone. We had a big announcement on the Clinton emails. She has literally been exonerated by her own incompetence. That should be the giant red flag that rallies people to Trump, as he has shown nothing but consistent competence in his careers.

We will also be talking about the shooting of several police officers in Dallas last night. This is not something we should take lightly, and it is vital that we don’t tolerate this madness or allow that the main stream media should be able to use it to further the agenda of the enemy left, especially making it about the shooter being a veteran.

Doughnuts and gun control… also, BREXIT.

Following a week of massive tragedy response in the US, we are seeing our Democrat senators staging a very well catered sit in at taxpayer expense. That’s right… They have used the guns we bought them to take our money away so that they can buy more guns to use to tell us that we can’t have gun to protect our money with.

In other news; The UK has elected to exit the European Union. This will merit some discussion as well.

Amorphous War

We are going to dig into the emerging tactics of amorphous warfare and discuss its application by the Jihadist and the Tyrannical regressive left. This will help you to understand how things are happening in the world today, from Lois Learner’s IRS scandal┬áto the mass invasion of Europe, and even the Pulse Night Club shooting over this past weekend. The enemy is actively employing Neuro-linguistic programming modes on a very large scale, effectively weaponizing the thought virus.

Libel is for Liberals

Tonight we will be talking about Hillary Clinton’s excoriation of Donald Trump from yesterday’s speech. Then we will be diving into Katy Couric’s amazing media malfeasance, intentionally misrepresenting the views of pro-gun advocates in her gun grabbing video “Under Fire”. This we will discuss in the context of the left’s incredible habit of similar falsifications, like the Trayvon Martin case, the Micheal Brown case, Brian Williams claims of being shot down in a helicopter, and so forth.

War is prior to ethics.

Tonight we will be discussing the ethics and morality of war in the abstract and how this applies to the current political situation in the United States. This conversation will explore the effectiveness of the Donald Trump presidential campaign, the clear rejection of Hillary Clinton by even the Democrats on the enemy left, and whether or not war even figures in the question of ethics.
We will also be discussing the rise of Austin Peterson as the libertarian front-runner and the abysmal failings of Gary Johnson both as a so-called libertarian and as a human being in general.

Captain America vs. Governor Deal

Spoiler alert! We will be discussing the new Captain America and the Avengers movie, Civil War. We expect the main political message to be one that supports anti-gun control arguments.
We will also be digging in on the cowardice of Governor Nathan Deal and his turncoat dealings of vetoing the Georgia Campus Carry Bill HB 859.
And of course, we will be discussing the Trump situation and the final suspension of campaigns by Cruz and Kasich.